Unwavering hockey team protection

The defender, whose name is Kaisernikel, is also a true native of Schwenningen hockey. Born in Villingen Schwenningen, he went through all the young league of the Wild Wings. And only in the 2020-2021 season he got into the professional Wild Wings hockey crew at number 7. With a height of 1m 95cm, the young defender has excellent parameters for his role in the crew.

At number 10 Maximilian Adam, from Görlitz, plays as a defender. After training in Berlin, Adam moved to DEL as a teenager. There he showed very high results for six hockey seasons. Adam spent about 185 matches. The advantage of this player is – a left-handed shooter. With a height of 178 cm, Adam is waiting for his finest hour and a breakthrough from the position of a defender. In the crew, Wild Wings of the Goerlitz native finally wants to fully reveal his undeniable potential, so that in the end the crew will reward his hard work.

Forward hockey teams

One of the native strikers who continued the work of his father is the player at number 64 Boas Beassen. The native, who was born in Schwenningen, home of the crew he currently plays for, has gone through all of the Wild Wings youth hockey teams, as have all the other native players on that collective. received his finest hour of white and blue in the 2018-2019 hockey season.
He followed his father, who also competed on the ice for the Wild Wings. The striker had great tactics with his carefree style and excellent physique. Such talent should be closely monitored as the left-handed shooter recently moved to the national crew.
Another great striker is number 16 Maximilian Hadraschek. Born in Sonthofen. He was one of the brightest representatives of the Wild Wings in the 2019-2020 season. After good seasons in DEL 2, Maximilian also impressed with his debut season in the first league. He signed a contract at Schwenningen until 2022. For next season, the striker will serve as assistant to the captain of the Wild Wings. Thus, earning another plus to his hockey career.

Team goalkeepers

Let’s open the door to a biography about each of the team’s players.
Goalkeeper. He is like the crew’s last line of defense, the crew’s last hope. After the goalkeeper comes only loss.
Goalkeeper number 32 Louise Benzing is a true native of Schwennengen. This sport is like a family tradition that is passed down from generation to generation, and originates from his grandfather. For the first time, Luis went on the ice at the age of three with his brother. After that, the goalkeeper of the crew began to develop rapidly and set himself the goal of becoming a successful hockey player. Blenzing passed all youth crews.

Team captain

What is a crew without a captain? The crew captain is the German professional striker Simon Diner, a native of Freiburg. Behind him is a huge experience in the first German hockey league. Leaving behind many large and successful crews, he nevertheless stopped at

Schwenningen Wild Wings

The list of members of the entire crw is very large. There are a lot of promising and strong players in the roster who successfully and harmoniously fulfill their tasks. The team includes not only natives of Germany, but also from countries such as Canada, the USA, Poland. 28 players is the official list, but do not forget that the collective includes not only players, but also a coach, sports director, doctors, psychotherapists, as well as staff that helps him to exist to the fullest.
As a result, their victory depends not only on the players on the field, but also on the well-coordinated work of the off-ice staff, who are responsible for the outcome of the game as well as the players themselves.