The process of preparing for the hockey season

First of all, preparation for the hockey period begins with clearly defined plans and tasks, work on the mistakes from the previous hockey season. In case of injuries that the players received from the previous hockey season, their rehabilitation is also included in the preparation of the team for the next season.

After that, specific goals and a training schedule are drawn up. An important factor before preparing for the new season is to determine the physical condition of the team. If there are injuries – recovery, if the athlete is overloaded or exhausted, various specific complexes are used to unload the physical state of the muscles. But also do not forget about the psycho-emotional state of the players. In most cases, this plays an important role. Because playing hockey exhausts a person not only physically, but also emotionally. This especially affects those players who, in this state, also received physical injuries.

Therefore, there are 3 psychotherapists in the wild wings team who help exhausted players restore interaction with the team that was lost on an emotional level.
For the players who were able to cope with their psycho-emotional state, the coach makes up sets of exercises aimed at supporting endurance, depending on the tasks set.

Nutrition for the winner

A balanced diet is always important, regardless of the hockey season or preparation for it. For each Wild Wings player, an energy balance is drawn up, which depends on how, at what load and to what extent the player uses his energy.
When a person eats more than he spends, the balance is disturbed, the mass increases, which leads to fatigue during training and games. The opposite situation is when an athlete is malnourished and all strength indicators are significantly reduced, which leads to exhaustion and loss of muscle mass.

Injuries in hockey

When performing any strength exercises, the athlete must learn how to perform them correctly. Therefore, athletes of all ages are ideally strongly advised to play hockey only with a coach. Professional coaches see from the outside what an athlete is doing right or vice versa, at any time they can correct the exercise or their list and load.

Often the majority of injuries in hockey

are due to improper physical preparation, with the exception of those injuries that do not depend on the athlete’s physical form.
Based on this, we can say that the preparation for the new period should go according to plan, without overloading the team physically and emotionally.

Charitable contribution of Wild Wings to society

Wild Wings have long been very famous in their region, they know the region and the region knows them. They are partners of most charitable organizations, they are socially active in school circles and youth organizations. The Wild Wings team is more than just hockey. They take responsibility not only from the sports side, a special concern is the promotion of young people in all areas, including on the ice.
The team also makes a great contribution to rehabilitation clinics that treat children, adolescents and young people with oncological and heart diseases. They have partnerships with various charitable foundations that promote many projects for orphans and disadvantaged families. This once again proves that the Wild Wings are trying to take care not only of their city, but also of its surroundings. Together with their fans and sponsors, the Wild Wings are quite a strong team not only on the ice.

The team will promote many charity auctions in favor of a rehabilitation clinic for children and youth. The team and its partners made a huge contribution in their home country for the construction of a new physiotherapy center in Schwenningen. The center is planned to be built this spring.