Formation of the Wild Wings on the ice

The team starts from the small town of Villingen-Schwenningen, which is located in the southwest of Germany.
The foundation of the collective falls on 1904 under the name SEK Schwenningen, which will change its name more than once during its existence. Schwenningen was founded as a swimming and ice club for young people. No one even imagined that after 118 years it would turn out to be a chic hockey club with many fans and world-famous players.

The first famous hockey game of the Schwenningen team took place at the German Championship, where the team from the small town reached the final. These were the last importance victories of that time for the club. In the post-war period, the Wild Wings practically ceased to achieve success, since the it’s funding was at zero and the special incentive to win disappeared. And until the 70s, the club had to wait for its finest hour to return to the fore again.

Since all this time was very difficult for this team, it was decided to temporarily stop the club for 4 years from 1960 to 1964. But despite all the difficulties for the Wild Wings, they have not lost their team spirit, which was born at the same time as hockey appeared in the country. Nevertheless, the great sports spirit victory and the team again took to the ice with renewed vigor.

Rising from ashes to ice

In 1977, the Schwenningen Wild Wings was promoted to the Oberliga 3rd division. They showed themselves worthy, managed to earn many victories to move forward. And already in 1979 they got the possibility to advance to the second Bundesliga, where they surpassed themselves and in a short period of two years finally got to the Bundesliga. For 22 seasons, the guys showed excellent results at hockey, which remained unshakable in the championship of the major league, until 2003.

And sadly in 2003 they returned to the second Bundesliga again. The reason for this was the difficult financial situation of the team, which is justified by the loss of a license due to bankruptcy. But in the second Bundersliga, the hockey club won prizes for 2 years in a row in 2010, 2011. And they come back to the German top league again in 2013, where they acquired a license from another financially affected hockey club.

From insolvency in 2003, the club was saved primarily by its loyal fans and supporters, who saved the club during a difficult period. The incredible influence of the local authorities of the region where the club comes from also provided considerable support to the Wild Wings.

Pupils of the Wild Wings

Hockey Club Wild Wings brought up worthy, strong, well-known players. A striking instance of this is the current captain of the German national hockey team, Marcel Gock. Also, let’s not disregard the brothers Seidenberg Denis and Yannick. As we can see, the hockey club from a small town is full of sports spirit and perspectives, strive and conquer the heights of this sport.

Wild Wings’ home arena

The Bauchenberge Stadium has been the home arena of the Wild Wings for practice and games for many years and has been in continuous operation since 1968. There is also a youth hockey club. On the territory of the arena there are clubs for hockey and
skating hockey. At the moment, the arena can accommodate 5300 spectators, but even with so many spectator seats, there will still not be enough for those who wish.

Therefore, they are constantly trying to improve the Helius Arena in order to make the atmosphere of the games even better, brighter and more spectacular. The 5,000 fans who come to the Wild Wings` home games make the games incredibly spectacular, turning them into a real cauldron.